Michigan Football: Jim Harbaugh Era Needs to End

Image Courtesy: Joe Maiorana/USA Today Sports

Hype Arrives in Ann Arbor

I grew up with one Michigan coach, Lloyd Carr. He wasn’t flashy; he wasn’t loud. He was a solid, consistent coach who always put Michigan in a position to win. He didn’t always beat Ohio and didn’t always compete for a Big Ten championship, but he won.

Harbaugh Hysteria

There was no bigger story in college sports than when Harbaugh decided to leave the pros for Michigan in December 2014. He was the number one choice on all Michigan fans’ wish list for head coaches. We got our guy. Glory and winning were going to return to the mitten.

Cracks Begin to Show

Season three was a wake-up call for all Michigan fans who began to see that maybe the massive hype of Harbaugh wasn’t going to translate to the same level of success on the field. At least on paper, the recruits were there, but it wasn’t showing through come game time.

Facing Reality

Partly through a corona-shortened 2020 season, Harbaugh’s sixth, Michigan is displaying a full regression into mediocrity. It started with an easy win against Minnesota, followed by a close loss to Michigan State and then two embarrassing losses to Indiana and Wisconsin.

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